Wind Down

I love this time of year, these few dead days between Christmas and New Year. The old year is definitely over – work is done, family commitments, pleasant though I find them, are out of the way, and I’ve got some space to catch up with friends, do a bit of thinking, clear some mental clutter out of the way, and plan for a new year that still seems like it’s got a bit of life and promise in it.

I’ve had a busy enough few days. The traditional-when-I’m-in-London Boxing Day film with Mark (WINOLJ), a long-overdue catch up with [info]budgie_uk on the 27th, and similarly with [info]cairmen today.

Yesterday though, deserves special mention, as I had a completely superb dinner with [info]athena25, [info]burge, [info]stu_n and [info]tyrell – at christmas, the butcher downstairs from me does a traditional Victorian stuffed goose – that’s a goose stuffed with a chicken stuffed with pheasant stuffed with a quail. It was every bit as good as I’d hoped – both the goose, which was rich and meaty and meltingly tender (and accompanied by a number of dishes, sauces and other condiments prepared by my guests, all of which were just as good), and more importantly the occasion, which was a truly splendid day engaging in my favourite pursuits of eating, drinking, and talking with a number of my favourite people. Cheers, all. Same again next year?

I’ve spent this evening clearing up after yesterday, the flat is now tidy again, and tomorrow I intend to do more or less fuck all. DVDs, Xbox games, eating leftovers, and at most a quick trip to the shops to get some supplies in. Exactly what this time of year is for, basically.

Hope you’re all having a similarly splendid time.