2008 – The Year Of Living Boringly

I was going to do one of those year in review things, but then I realised I could do it in two sentences:

It’s been a shit couple of months at the end of a boring year. I have not enjoyed 2008, and that’s really no-one’s fault but my own.

So, 2009 is going to a be a year where I take the universe by the throat again. Honest. And in that spirit, here are a few of my plans for the year:

Bungee Jump. I’ve never thrown myself off a tall object. This is obviously a moral failing, and must be rectified.

Hallucinogens. I’ve never taken any. Always wanted to, just never found the opportunity. I would like to do something about that.

Travel. I make a semi-joke out of the fact that I don’t leave London, but it’s been 5 years now since I was out of London for longer than a week. So, Toronto. Some time in the spring, probably. Because the number of friends I have in that city is getting truly stupid, for a place I’ve never been. May attempt to tack a New York swing onto that, may save New York for either the autumn, or more likely, 2010.

More Exercise. About the only thing I impressed myself with this year was the progress I made on the exercise front. I’ve let that slip over the last three weeks, just because I’ve been busy stuffing my greedy fat face, but it’s time to get back on the horse. On the 2nd, obviously.

Fiction. In my case, this translates to running RPGs or various stripes, because I’m a big geek. But I approach RPGs in much the same manner I approach any creative endeavour, with the same hideous perfectionism and insecurity, and on that basis I will fight anyone who suggest that running or playing in a really good game is not a legitimate field of art. I’m already involved in the running of two regular LARPs, and one tabletop, so that’s probably about my limit for ongoing running, but I have decided I need some more short form practice – one offs, mostly, but also, limited runs of 3-6 sessions.

Photography. This makes the list every year, in a must-do-more and must-attempt-to-make-money sense. These things remain true, but I am more or less at peace with the fact that while I don’t produce a lot, and it’s of fuck all commercial value, I am very happy with what I produce. Still: must produce more things I am happy with. Am considering some kind of 365 days thing, just for the discipline, but will have to work out how to do in a manner that pleases me.

New Lens. Yeah I know it’s materialistic. But I find that if I have my really big purchase for a year planned in advance, I am less tempted by the random smaller shiny things. I know the beast I would like, and will have to see how I can juggle things to afford it after my birthday, I think, because it’s a massive beast.

New Ink. This remains a strong maybe, rather than a commitment. It’s something I would like, but it’s also something I’m not going to do until I’m sure of exactly what I want. Got a couple of strong contenders for phrases, but no real sense of the design or placement of either that excites, so will have to wait.

Right, better go and get some stuff set up. I hope your New Year goes well, and that your 2009 is better than your 2008. May your hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want.

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