It’s That Time of Year Again

Them as have been round these parts a while may be fed of of my more-or-less yearly exhortations to everyone to go see Jason Webley. Tough.

For the rest of you: He’s a very nice, and more importantly, very talented chap, who deserves to be rich and famous. If you like Tom Waits, or Kurt Weil, or klezma, or that sort of cabaret-type-thing, you will like him.

Also, Neil Gaiman likes him, for the goth and comic nerds in the audience. And Amanda Palmer out of the Dresden Dolls did a single with him. If you go see him now, you can claim to have seen him before he got big. It’s clearly only a matter of time.

He’s playing again, in Camden on the 17th (next Tuesday) and Brighton on the 20th. I can’t do Brighton, since I am seeing My Bloody Valentine that night, but does anyone fancy the Tuesday show?

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