Change Of Format

I don’t imagine anyone’s likely to care, but I’m in the process of giving my not-a-fucking-moblog-honest, Dead Air a wash and brush up. Well, brush down, perhaps – stripping out the visual clutter, giving the photos a little more room, and opening it up to non-landscape-format photos. I did try setting it on a white background, to be in line with every other blog I run, but decided that the black-and-whites I’ve been running on it look better on the black.

I’m contemplating starting to run colour photos on there – it wouldn’t be hard to set the script I use to post from my phone to understand different processing rules based on email subject line. I’d be interested in people’s opinions – should I stick to B&W for now? I’m already expanding the format a bit to allow portraits, should I leave it at that, or throw it wide open?

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