White Mischief – Just The Beginnning

White Mischief - Just The Beginnning

The first of well, I don’t know how many (until I think you lot will probably be bored) shots from White Mischief, a club night put on by a friend of mine where I took many, many pictures.

This is Mademoiselle Fifi, one of the burlesque performers that was on. You’ll see more of her. (While I think of it, can I just check: is there anyone reading this that’s going to be freaked out at the sight of a little (and really, it is just a little) blood? I’m not willing to place pictures under a cut in this blog, so if I get objections, I’ll have to think about skipping one of my planned pics.)

This short has not been altered for colour except as part of the general process of adjusting the RAW file – the blue is what I got from the available light and the natural adjustments I made. I have a black and white version of the same shot on Flickr – I genuinely can’t pick between the two, so I’ve gone with blogging this one, just because I think it’s more my usual style, but I’d love to know which other people prefer.

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