About Last Night

If you were not at White Mischief, then believe me squire, you were in the wrong place.

Music: Not a band on the line up I would not happily see again. Repeatedly.

Cabaret: Strange and terrifying. Which is what you want. Sadly, I was not allowed to take pictures of the woman setting things alight with the electrical power of her nipple.

Crowd: glamorous and charming.

Photos taken: 1123. I’m halfway through processing them, and even I can’t hate all of that number. So far (not quite halfway through a first pass), about one in ten is good, although by the time I eliminate virtually identical shots, and winnow down to just the very best, that number drops quite a bit more. Still, should get a good number up.

So, pats on the back and drinks for alexdecampi, and back to wading through photos for me…

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