Digital Real Estate 2007

Just trying to organise my thoughts about what I want to do with my on-line presence this year.

  1. Well, there’s this LJ. The same old rubbish.
  2. Flickr/electricana and Photography. I need to put a portfolio site together on the domain proper – I’ve tried a few variations of the thing there, and liked none of them, but I’ll get one sorted.
  3. Remains as it is – linklog and occaisional spot to think about websites.
  4. As is. Aggregator.
  5. Vox. Scratchpad for this photos/text idea I’ve had kicking about for 18 months now.
  6. Myspace. I think I’ll just sack it off. It’s a means to keep in touch, but it’s not a good blogging platform.
  7. Dead Air. A place for things I’m actually thinking about, which these days mostly means Art. I need to write up something on graffiti, and something on Duchamp’s Fountain, before they leave my head.
  8. Black Ink. Finally got a blogging platform back on it after a year of it being dead. Still wondering what to do with it. Used to keep short fictions there, but since I produce them at the rate of about one every three months, there’s no point. What little of that sort of stuff I do should go to Vox for now. Thinking about trying to something halfway to topical with it. Or possibly just writing the most outrageous madbastardism on it – stream of conciousness fragments, cut ups and general randomalia. Alternately, I may move what’s on Dead Air to Black Ink, and then use Dead Air for madbastardism, just because the title fits better.

Secondary thought: I’m moving away from LJ as a place to write anything over a couple hundred words, because I don’t feel it’s the right kind of context for anything other than personal life and conversations with friends. I find I censor myself, thinking “no bastard on my friends list is going to give a toss” or even just worrying about seeming pretentious. But, saying that, I also know that it’s trivial these days to post anything I produce in WordPress to LJ. Should I set up another journal for the purpose of dumping the contents of, Dead Air and whatever I wind up doing with Black Ink to? Should I just dump it here anyway?

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