Just marking the date and time, really.

I always used to say I couldn’t write a novel. That I couldn’t do long-form prose. I might write comics scripts, and role playing games, and all sorts of drivel, but not a novel.

Guess what I just finished writing?

Let’s be clear: it’s a first draft, at best.

I’ve already got loads and loads of notes for things I need to re-write. And even once I’ve done that, I’d be amazed if it were publishable. For right now, it’s going in a box until christmas, in any case. I’ll come back to it in a few months, and see what, if anything, I want to do with it.

I’m aware that “have written an unpublishable novel” is hardly one of the world’s great achievements, and that there are plenty folks I know who’ve enjoyed some modest success by taking the obvious next step.

But honestly, I never thought I’d get to this one.

Next step: start writing second novel. Make it better than this one.

Although possibly not tonight.

Links for Monday June 23rd 2014

  • Maximum Happy Imagination | Magical Nihilism
    This has sort of crystallised something for me. From where we currently stand, we can just about see a "maximum happy imagination" future ahead of us – not a challenge free future, not by any means, but one where basic material needs can be catered for, for everyone, for free – and yet it seems we keep electing people who are ideologically set against taking the steps that would be required to achieve this. It's almost like pre-emptive future shock.

Links for Saturday June 14th 2014

  • There’s no konami code for operations – blog dot lusis
    I think I may just fire this at my boss, then next time he asks why a given bit of work is going to take the time it does. Because this is at once the most technobabble filled bit of writing I've read in a while, and yet serves as a reasonable summary of how complex development has gotten over the last decade or so. "Can you understand this blogpost? No? Then you're not qualified to understand the time estimates you're asking for."