Links for Monday May 25th 2015

  • All (hopefully) of the bad arguments about rape on Game of Thrones debunked
    I don't agree with this article about the rape scene in last week's game of Thrones. I think it was another mis-step from a show with a less-than-stellar track record. I think that, given the departure from what I understand the storyline in the books is, there were alternatives open to them, that they perhaps should have explored. But that said: there are some solid arguments in here, that at least make the case that there *is* another point of view, that says there was a case for having tha…

Links for Friday May 22nd 2015

Links for Friday May 15th 2015

  • Black Widow, Scarce Resources And High-Stakes Stories : Monkey See : NPR
    This is a really good essay on the Black Widow problem in the new Avengers movie. Taken by itself, it's not actually terrible – the metaphors she represents are worth pulling into the light and talking about, and there are reasons why it has to be a female character that has to given them – but the problem is that there simply aren't enough prominent women characters in this kind of movie for us to take them in isolation. And that, I guess, feel like the most nuanced criticism one could level …

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