Links for Wednesday September 9th 2015

  • Social Decay: How Tweets Can Predict The Death Of An App – BuzzFeed News
    My takeaway from this is that over time, any serice that is largely geared toward "share what you're doing on Twitter (or Facebook)" is doomed. You have to make the whole widget. If your business relies on people sharing what they do on other people's sites, it's pointless. You want them to come to your site. Your site/app has to be self contained and social in itself.

Links for Friday September 4th 2015

  • cantino/huginn
    Self hosted IFTTT like service. Of possible interest. One of my issues with services like IFTTT is that they're only really useful if you start to give them data like when you're in and out of the house. On the one hand, I don't think there are criminals out there who have hacked these services, and are using them to plan burglaries. On the other, I'm still really uncomfortable with giving third parties access to that data.