Music in brief.

Lilly Allen is a bloody scattershot artist. Most of her stuff leaves me cold, but when she hits the mark, she’s spot fucking on. I still love “LDN”, and now I’ve got to say, her cover of The Kaiser Chiefs “Oh My God” is also bloody fine.

If you haven’t heard of The Pipettes, then you may have been under a rock, so once you’ve checked that you’re not pinnned down by extraneous minerals, you really should educate yourself. One of the current wave of Spector-pop revivalists, head and shoulders above most of the others I’ve heard, as they reach for other touches to it, both contemporary with Spector, and more modern. Top stuff. Must get to a live gig.

Disturbingly, Andrew W.K.’s latest, “Pushing Drugs” is quite a lot of fun, too. (Via NYUB.)

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