Am I Mouse Or Man?

A question that men have struggled with through the ages. Tonight, however, I find it a moot question. Regardless of which I am, my plans have gong[1] agley.

ewa‘s away this weekend, so the plan had been to indulge in chronic anti-social nerdism, and to spend the weekend playing City of Heroes,. moving from my computer only to find the phone and order pizza. But I find that the hot weather and my computer disagree. Specifically, when my graphics card starts to work (as is demanded of it by City of Heroes) the temperature inside my computer hits something like 70 degrees centigrade. So, in self defense, it shuts down. In this heat, it’s running at the very limit of what it can cope with, just running Firefox and Thunderbird. So that’s my plans out the window.

So instead, I have a bottle of very cold white wine, and I intend to watch the second half of the second season of the West Wing. You have to make the best of these things, after all.

[1] I assume that this is the correct past tense…

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