Speaking of gigging

The unfeasibly lordly and betimes oft-mentioned…

I’m sorry, I appear to have fallen down a linguistic hole of some kind. I’ll start again.

You’ve all heard me go on about Flipron from time to time, or possibly more often than that. Well, good news! They’re playing in London, not once, but twice this month – The Notting Hill Arts Club on the 12th of March (which I can’t make), and The Watershed in Wimbledon on the 16th, (which I can and will). I endorse this product and/or service, and recommend you go to see them. They will sing you songs about old people, two-headed dogs and sentient cars, with a sense of end-of-the-pier menace that you will enjoy.

In less concrete news: The even more fantastically fucking marvellous Jason Webley will be playing in Guildford on the 30th of March, although I don’t know where exactly yet. I know it’s out of town and a weeknight, but if you can possibly drag yourself there (it’s not hard to get there from the centre of town, anyway), then I really, really recommend you go. I will, and if you go, and do not enjoy it, I will personally refund your entry fee. If you like mentalist cabaret, Tom Waits, Firewater, The Dresden Dolls, drinking songs, pirates of any kind or are really just alive in any meaningful way, then I think you will like his show.

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