By way of a change: a photo in my main journal. This is chiefly because it’s not a very good photo, so isn’t going to make my other journal, but it’s one that’s important to me. That’s my grandmother on the left, and the badly photoshopped baby that she’s talking to via webcam on the right is her first great grandchild, Orla, now slightly over a month old. (The baby has been photoshopped so that she stands out from the screen a bit.)

This, right here, is the magic of the internet. It’s this that makes me get fucked off with the people who mock it as for nerds, or worse, the nerds who’re blase about the whole thing, who laugh at people who talk with webcams, or who thing it makes them seem big and clever to dismiss this sort of thing as everyday.

This is an old woman, sharing in her great grandchild’s first christmas, when she didn’t think she’d be able to. Just because it’s not technically hard to do these days, does not make it any less special, especially when neither of the parties would be able to turn on a computer for themselves.

It was easily the best thing that happened to me this festive season, and all I was doing was watching. I hope you all had something this good in your christmas.

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