The Comet Effect

Sixapart announce Comet, which sounds like the reasonably predicatable fusion of Moveable Type blogging and Livejournal that’s been been on the cards since they bought LJ. There’s some talk of better media integration than current blogging tools provide, and it’s certainly something I’ll watch with interest, but I do wonder what the point is.

Having come back to “proper” blogging after a few years of LJ-only stuff, I’ve found that I like the difference that the community-free aspect of blogging provides. I’m aware that this blog has a small audience, but I’m not aware of who they are, and I know that they’re coming here because (I assume) they like the content they find here, rather than because they’re part of a community. I write what I want here, rather than worrying about spoiling someone’s community experience.

Another one for the write-more-later file, I think…

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