Really quite fed up of this.

Just as I recovered from the weekend, I came down with a cold, but obviously, I haven’t done anything sensible like stay home. It is now almost week since I last went to the gym, and since at the moment, a brisk walk puts my heart rate through the roof and leaves me sweating in that unpleasantly diseased and clammy way, I don’t think I’ll be going tonight, either. I forsee sleeping in my future. It’s what I hate most about being unwell. All the pointless sleeping.

I’m idly wondering about paying for myself to go to ETech and SXSW Interative next year, because I’ve given up all hope of ever having a job that will pay for me to go to them, and I really want to go. Don’t suppose anyone else has got a job that would pay for me to go, if I sorted out flights and accomadation myself?

And on the geek project front, I’ve finally noticed, which neatly spikes my big plan for the winter, by having got there first, and got almost everything right. I see that hirez has beaten me there, but is anyone else using it yet?

Now, more of that annoying sleeping I was talking about…

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