Shooting humans:

Good news everybody!  It looks like I can get the use of the photography studio in my building at weekends, which I believe also includes things like actual lighting, assuming that no paying customers have booked it.  It’s almost never booked.

I’m just trying to nail down what my weekend commitments are for September, and then I’m going to start trying to schedule things.  (So, erm, if you’re expecting to see me during the day on any weekends in September (or, out clubbing on a Saturday night, since that’ll probably stab the Sunday into little tiny bits), please speak up so I don’t accidentally double book myself.)

I know I’ve asked this a few times before, but I’ll do it again: is anyone willing to let me use them attempt to learn to take photos of humans?  This will involve travelling to East Acton at a weekend.  (But on the upside, you’ll get to visit Sunshine Desserts.  How many people can say they’ve done that?)

I shall emphasise: I cannot promise that you’ll get anything useable out of it (although obviously, I hope you will).  This is an excuse to have some fun with friends, and improve an area of photography that I’m not very good at.  If you absolutely need photos for anything professional, go find a professional photographer.  If you fancy have a laugh on a day you might otherwise not be doing anything, though, please speak up.  You’ll need to bring yourself, your most stunning outfits, make up, any props you think might be funny, etc.

This is just for the purposes of building a filter for this sort of thing in order not to bore everyone else rigid, so don’t worry too much if you don’t think you can make any definite commitments for now, just, y’know, register an interest.  I’m sure I’ll be trying to arrange more of these things in the months to come, if it proves to be fun.

plug_in_babe and ebmgothicgirlie you’re first on the list, so don’t worry. :)

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