Gig warnings:

I’m not seeing Nick Cave this week, so to cheer myself up, I have been buying tickets:

autosmile, alexdecampi, papamoomin: Tickets are booked for Flogging Molly at the Astoria on the 2nd of November. I’m pretty sure you all said “yes, sort me out with a ticket”, didn’t you? Turns out it’s some kind of big tour thing with a bunch of other bands – headline are a bunch of scandinavian pop-punks that sound like they’ll be a laugh.

I’ve also booked myself a ticket for The Alabama 3, also at the Astoria, on the 11th of October. Anyone who was thinking about going last time, but didn’t get around to it: you should come this time, because the live show is cracking.

And, so’s I don’t forget, I’ve also got Garbage at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 17th of October.

Now all I have to do is wangle photography passes to any/all of the above. Wish me luck. :)

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