In case anyone is curious:

I have noticed an increasing tendency for my friends to refer to me by my surname (to the point where in a couple of cases people I’ve met recently have to ask me what my first name was, after a couple of weeks). I am getting a little fed up it.

I prefer to be refered to by my first name – a legacy of schools where everyone was constantly refered to by their surname, and far, far, far too many Sherlock Holmes jokes. And given the amount of my social interaction that happens on LJ, I figure that my old journal name probably wasn’t helping. And then I happened to notice that the previous owner of alasdair had deleted and purged their journal.

So, now that I’ve finished doing the dance of joy, I’ve had it for my own.

I find that I really am pleased out of all proportion about this. Everybody celebrate!

PS. If you didn’t know I prefer to be called Alasdair, or Al, you do now. I am not the Great Detective’s sidekick. Please attempt to remember this.

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