I may have been a bit of a wreck…

Weekend: smashing.  Brain: smashed.

Apologies for talking shit/being tedious/anything else as required – in hindsight, I was in quite some state at points on Saturday night.  Thanks to ebmgothicgirlie and delomelas in particular, who I was probably most spannered at, but who provided entertainment nonetheless.

For those not there, a guide to how spannered I was: in attempting to answer the question “How hard is it to find a bunch of goths in Hyde Park?”, I discovered that the answer is: “Quite easy, provided you don’t go to St James Park by mistake, in which case, you will certainly fail to find the goths, because you are too stupid to live”.  I did make it in the end, though, and had a thoroughly civilised time – more of that sort of thing, etc, etc.  Ta, all.

And now, organ failure.

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