Tech problem

One for the PHP developers on my friends list, because I’m completely stumped.

Set-up is PHP on IIS, connecting to a SQL server 7 database.

The problem is an interesting one – different data is being generated depending on the browser that accesses the page. I have an “artist” object, on of the properties of which is “name”. If I load the page in Firefox, the “name” property has the value I’d expect. If I load the page in IE, the “name” property is blank, despite the fact that all the other data for the object has been loaded. The data all comes from the same stored procedure call. This isn’t a browser rendering error – the source code for the page is different depending on which browser looks at it, and echoing the raw data before any HTML comes back gets different resuklts depending on the browser.

Anyone ever run across this? IIS/PHP behving differently depening on which browser access it?

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