Odds And Sods

Just went to the gym for the first time in most of a fortnight.  Sad but true: I’ve missed it.  I am, therefore, what, when younger and stupider, I always swore was The Enemy.  Oh well.  Happens to us all, etc, etc.

stu_n and burge had their birthday do at The Big Chill Bar on Sunday.  It was ace, for both the company and the setting.  I forgot to put a flash card in my camera.  On the one hand, I am very stupid.  On the other, this just means I’ll have to go back there.  Oh, the hardship.

Via tinyjo I find The Way We See It.  Accordingly, I shall be at Savoy Buildings WC2 at 3pm on Saturday, to take photos, should anyone else fancy it.  If the next location (due to be posted Friday) is reasonably nearby (or within easy tube journey) I shall probably do that, too.

Weekend roundup: Photography, clubbing, nap, drinking, coma, badly-needed day off work doing nothing.  All excellent, thank you all.

Week coming: Taiko, clubbing, haircut, photography, possibly more clubbing, persistent vegetative state. 

Following that, it is Valentines day.  For the record: this year, I have decided to adopt to the official position of having no opinion at all about it.  It is neither good nor bad, and does not affect my life, or anyone else’s, in any way unless they wish it to, and as such I have no need for an opinion on it at all.

Mental list:  Things I want:

A Digital SLR.  Unless someone out there is fabulously wealthy, and feels like gifting me with one, then this is just going to have to wait.

An iShuffle.  Next month, assuming the Apple Store ever gets them back in.  I’d like to use the treadmill at the gym again, and I don’t like doing it with an iPod – I worry about the constant jolting of the hard drive, and the iShuffle seems perfect for my needs.

A new tattoo.  I know what I want – a caduceus on the back of my left calf.  I feel like I should wait a while, though – it’s all of six months since I got my last one, after all.    Anyone want to make bets on how long I’ll hold out?

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