Wi-fi (greebo) gurus?

Anyone out there know much about wireless networking? Anyone willing to come round and be plied with booze in order to sort out the problems I’m having? Please?

(In short: I cannot get my main computer on our in house wireless network, and I don’t know why – the other two wi-fi devices in the house can get on OK, and indeed, the main machine can see the network, but just refuses to connect to it and get an IP address. More details on request.)

As a result of this, my net activity is a bit curtailed. Email responses may be very slow, electricana is annoyingly fucked, because all the good photos are on the other machine, and all told, it’s a bit arse, really.

In other news, PWEI rocked extremely fucking hard. Didn’t get “Inside You”, but got everything else I could have wanted. They put serious effort in, and as far as starts to the gigging year go, I couldn’t have asked for better.

Now, sleep.

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