Well, blast.

I have spent the weekend (when not out doing exciting things) listening to a mix of the Albama Three and Mclusky, thanks to the iTunes store. (Which will almost certainly replace Amazon as my retailer of choice as the selection gets better – the instant gratification value of being able to buy an album in a couple of clicks, and listen to it five minutes later is fantastic.)

This is fine and dandy, indeed, it’s quite stonking, really, except that on a whim, I just looked up both those sites to see if there was any interesting news from either band.

I am cursing and swearing now. Both bands are playing in London in the next month. Mclusky is sold out (as far as I can tell), and I’m busy when the Alabama Three are playing.  I’d go to the Larry Love Showband gig on the 17th (especially since it’s quite a nice wee pub they’re playing), but I’m out of town that weekend.  Which, I’ve just realised, probably means I’m going to miss Synthetic Culture next month, too.

Ah well.  I could do with a quiet couple of weeks, anyway.

(More being “nice” to people to come tomorrow, probably.)

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