So I’m playing around with Launchcast, Yahoo’s customisable streaming radio service, and I have to say, I’m bloody impressed. A couple of hours of fine tuning and teaching it what I like (chiefly by rating songs, and then skipping to the next track, so it may take longer if you actually listen to all the early tunes it throws at you), and it’s doing pretty well at getting my music taste nailed – certainly better than any of the other “customisable” stations that I’ve tried, which all balked at the fact that I quite like five track lump that goes George Carlin -> Rancid -> Bjork -> Aphex Twin -> Tom Waits. It’s doing equally well at throwing me stuff I’ve not heard, but that it thinks I’d like.

Yahoo seems to have cracked it. So all I’ve got to do now is get one of those apps that MP3’s whatever’s coming out of your computer’s audio, and I’m going to be back to taping songs off the radio.

Plus ca change, eh?

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