Jason Webley

I’ve gone about him at length before. I know I have. But that’s not going to stop me doing it again, as I’ve just discovered that he’s got a new album due out next month, and he’s going to be touring the South of England this summer either side of playing Glastonbury, and will apparently be playing somewhere in London on June 23rd. He’s also got a couple of Brighton dates. I will be attempting to drag as many people as possible to see him, because he’s utterly fucking brilliant, and deserves to be better known in the UK. You’ve all been warned.

So, in order to put everyone in the right mood:

Go here and listen to: “The Graveyard”, “Drinking Song” and “Train Tracks”.

Go here and listen to: “Devil Be Good”, “Dance While The Sky Crashes Down” and “Last Song”.

Go here and listen to: “Halloween” and “Music That Tears Itself Apart”.

And even if what you hear on recording doesn’t grab you, come and see him anyway, because it’s in the live show that his performance really shines. There’s a review of the sort of antics he gets up to at a live show in his home town here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense. Expect remainders of all this nearer the time.

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