Websites and whisky

In theory, I have a working server in my flat – web, mail, shared filespace, etc. In practice, either my upstream bandwidth or my router is for shit, and I can only get a webpage off the fucking thing one time in ten, and the pages it serves crawl back at no speed at all. Everything thing else should currently be locked off, so I’m not too worried about that, but I’d like to get the damn thing serving web pages properly. I’m going to play with the router settings a bit when I get home, but I am not optimistic. Anyone got any suggestions?

On the bright side, my latest bottle of whisky arrived the other day, just after I finished off some entirely acceptable Mortlach 15. This one’s a society bottling rejoicing in the name of “Horse’s Nosebag”, a 13 year-old Glenrothes that is possibly the sweetest whisky I’ve ever had. The society tasting notes read: “This sample from a fresh sherry butt is burnished orange gold. The first impression on the nose is of a biscuit barrel, rich tea and digestives, but also dark toffee and Demerara, like a horse’s nosebag with molasses in the mix. Water evokes the impression of struck matches. The taste is rich, intense and long lasting with flavours ranging from zabaglione to distressed fan belts and the little tasty burnt bits from the Sunday roast.”

Which is, y’know, a load of old toss. There’s no fanbelt in there, and I couldn’t pick zabaglione out of a line up. But they’re right about the toffee in the smell, and it’s a lovely, large, warm dram.

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