Can I go to sleep now?

It’s only Tuesday, and I need a break.

Caught up with winterthing last night, which was very nice, am going to see a preview screening of Shaun of the Dead tonight, should be visiting the parents and going to the gym tomorrow, and I think I have about three different options for Thursday night. This would be fine, except I appear to have developed a slight cold. That annoying kind of cold where it’s not serious enough to justify staying in bed with tea and biscuits and DVDs like I want to, but is enough to annoy by leaving me just slightly achy and tired at the office. Knowing me, I’ll make it through the week feeling a bit fuzzy, and then on Friday, I’ll develop the full blown lurgy, just in time to spend Easter in a coma. But hey, at least I can rise again on the third day, in keeping with the season.

Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, for the benefit of winterthing and budgie_uk, or y’know, anyone else out there looking for hosting, I’d recommed either:


Both of them provide slightly more features than the average user will need, but both do it at a price that beats out a lot of the ultra basic hosting companies I’ve seen.

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