The curtains in Fin’s bedroom are made out of tissue paper. Or something slightly thinner. I, on the other hand, have become accustomed to sleeping with something close to blackout curtains – enormous heavy velvety things that admit almost no light whatsoever. This makes staying at Fin’s something of a trial for me, as I invariably wake with the sun, and then spend the next hour or two trying to sleep, and never managing more than a fitful doze.

At this time of year, at least it’s usually about seven in the morning before the light is strong enough to wake me, but on Saturday night, I was woken at 4am by the moonlight – the moon was almost full, low in the sky, and staggeringly bright. It was gorgeous, looking out over her back garden, everything washed in silver, the light glinting off a mild frost that was just settling. In that moment, I went from early December mode straight into full-on festive cheer. I attempted to wake Fin up to look at it, but in a reversal of the usual way of these things, she swore at me, and went back to sleep.

Sadly, thought it’s a full moon tonight, and quite possibly frosty, it’s also due to be overcast, in London at least.

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