Appropriation Culture

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2004 is heading toward us with unsettling speed. Still, there’s time for one last look back over the year, and I’m in the mood for novelty, because it’s Christmas, and there isn’t any good new music out, or if there is, it’s drowned out by gimmick singles and greatest hits albums, and that fucking Slade song.

So, what new music has come into your life over the last year (note – not nessecarily released this year, just something you first heard this year), and who put it there?

In my case, the stand out for the year is Jason Webley, courtesy of Fin’s Mum. Courtesy of Jason himself, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for Charles Mingus and Leonard Cohen, both of whom I liked what I’d heard but hadn’t bothered to seek out more.

Honourable mentions to Mclusky, courtesy of zoo_music_girl and The King via stu_n.

What about you?

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