Strange Meat

Lunch at the gastropub over the road from work, on the company. It’s one of the great perks of working here, Battersea Park and the power station being the other ones, of course. Apparently, the power station came in fourth in a recent list of national eyesores in some magazine or other, presumably voted for by the blind, or possibly just the terminally stupid. But either way, I can add another animal to the list: Springbok. Very nice it was too, on an apple and port mash with bok choi and lentils with red wine jus.

4 thoughts on “Strange Meat

  1. The magazine in question was Country Life. Hardly surprising that they think anything which isn’t a country hice is a disgrace.

    They voted wind farms as their top eyesore — I’ve always thought they looked fantastic (and a damn sight more attractive than electricity pylons, which everyone just seems to ignore). I think we can write them off as shouty fox-chasing blood-daubed inbred goons. Apart from Ali P and Mark S, anyway. They don’t chase foxes, and they aren’t inbred.

    I still want to go to the next Countryside march and stand near Parliament Square with a loudhailer, yelling ‘GET ORFF OUR LAAAND! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND OUR CITY WAYS!’

  2. Mmm Springbok. Tempting. Gordon and I are coming down to London for the first weekend in February – maybe this is somewhere we should check out, as we also have a quest to eat our way through the more interesting members of the animal kingdom.

    Hopefully you’ll be around for pubbage/foodage/something when we’re down!

  3. Maybe – they don’t always have weird meat on the menu, but the food’s good anyway. And yes, I’ll be here the first weekend in Feb (6/7/8th,
    right?), although I’m busy the Friday night. But yes, let me know your plans closer to the time, and I’m sure we’ll sort something out. :)

  4. I think our general plan for the saturday night was to find somewhere to eat and then somewhere to drink / go out and someone to do it with, so if we nab you for the Saturday night? We’ll probably be more than happy to let you suggest somewhere / something :-)

    We’re staying pretty central – somewhere in Westminster (Belgrave road).

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