Accordion, Bass and Drums

The Tiger Lillies last night were fantastic, as expected. Bumped into the landlord of The Sun (one of my favourite pubs) while I was there – turns out he’s a fan too. Braved the bun-fight for CDs and then had a shopping accident. I’d been intending to pick up the new CD, but somehow bought two of their older ones as well. Whoops.

As if that weren’t enough money to spend, I discovered that Kodo are playing in February next year. Have talked Fin into going, and duly paid a small fortune for two tickets. I urge anyone reading this to give serious consideration to forking out for it themselves – it’s pricy, but no more that you’d pay for a good ballet or opera, and personally, it offers me far more than either of those do. I have no idea how to describe them – their music is beautiful, but it’s the sheet physicality of the performance that makes them well worth the money. So I’ll resort to stealing the words of others, who’re clearly having as much trouble defining them as I am:

“Balancing a deadly aggression with utter tranquility, their sound stretches from the lightest of rainfall to cataclysmic thunderclaps, from pleasant laughter to discordant fear and from silence to – just once here – a wall of sound, as high, frightening and impregnable as a mountain. Musicians, theatre directors and all interested in the sheer power of sound to feed emotions should take note.” – The Grauniad.

“Dynamic, electrifying vision ….Nothing will prepare you for the 1,000 lb. drum assault, the precise timing or the wall of sound. An essential experience.” – Time Out.

Seriously, go and see them.

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