Photo upgrade

I’ve changed the Black-Ink photolog to run using Simsi, rather than Textamerica. The chief reason for this is that I was in violation of the Textamerica T&Cs – the RSS feed that I was using to pull the pics in from contains text adds that I was stripping out so that they didn’t spoil my lovely page, and apparently, I’m not supposed to do that.

Not that they’d noticed or complained, or threatened to kill my account, but I like to play fair, and besides, if at any time they’d changed their text adds, I’d have had to altered my ad-stripping code, and that’s just hassle. And I like to have everything on one server, y’know?

That said my Textamerica photolog will continue to be kept up to date, chiefly for Fin‘s benefit, as she’s got it listed on her Textamerica page (god knows why – mine’s rubbish compared to hers), and besides, the way I have things set up, I can do that automatically, so I might as well.

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