How smug am I?

One of the reasons I moved to using Nucleus is that I wanted to be able to customise my blogging tool. And indeed, I have just done so, so that whenever I make a post, it’ll look through it for a list of friends that I have defined, and automatically wrap their names in links to their LJs.

It’s by no means my whole friends list, but it’s a list of people I’m reasonably likely to refer to more than once a year. Like Fin, Andrew and Marysia, for example. I think it’s even work if I put an apostrophe after their names, so if I decide to talk about Fin‘s sexy new hairdo, that’ll work too…

2 thoughts on “How smug am I?

  1. I wonder…

    Presumably it’s set up so that if, for example, you wrote about Prince Andrew, it wouldn’t hook onto the word “Andrew” and link it to our Mr Wheeler’s blog? (g)

  2. Re: I wonder…

    I have a means to prevent it happening, although it’s a little crude. And it’s quite possible that there are links in tha archives that are appearing and shouldn’t be, because I haven’t editied in the device to prevent it happening, but no-one but me is going to see that, so that’s OK.

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