Sense of Taste: 1

Lungs: 0. Worst of cold now gone. Some mucus remaining. However, the disease has done its bastard usual, and settled in my lungs, leaving me in for a week or two of a painful cough.

Wondering idly what do do tonight – not in the mood for telly (when am I ever?) but housemates will have things to watch, so will be in my room. May watch Ninth Gate. May go to bed early. Should probably try to get some work done. I’ve got three options I’m considering for NaGraNoWriMo (Have given up on the idea of doing prose. Will instead be writing a 100 page graphic novel.) in varying stages of readiness for writing, and if I’m going to do one of them, I really need to finish the bones of it – what I have now are ideas for themes and possible characters, but no sense of theme, no spine to hang the thing from, so I really ought to spend a while buried in the thing and see what I can beat into it.

On which note…

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