Group Hug!

There’s someone out there with a seriously twisted sense of humour. Group Hug is an anonymous confessional, and, like all such things, you find that either people are vile or pathetic bastards, or that pretending to be vile or pathetic bastards gives far too many people their jollies. Reading it is like dunking your mind in a sewer, and is certain to make even the nicest person bitter and cynical about humans. Or possibly just teenagers.

But, as I was thinking this, I came across an entry which reads “I’m going to ask my boyfriend to marry me in February (because it is a leap year). I have been planning it all for months and I have been DYING to tall someone!! Thanks for letting me get it off my chest… I hope he says yes!“, which I thought was a nice subversion of the ghastly intent of these sorts of thing…

4 thoughts on “Group Hug!

  1. I’ve been thinking about setting up a repository for the LiveJournal Cut and Paste Fairies – it’s supposed to be accessed over an anonymising proxy, and will let people make private, custom posts public. People do it all the time anyway, I thought it might be fun to have a centralised system for doing so, with an RSS feed. Then I realised that I’m not that much of a bastard.

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