I switched over to using Opera yesterday, and one of the casualties is Blogger, it seems. Their interface for Opera blows goats, to put it mildly, compared to how it works with IE. This is a little annoying. I live in the hope that someone out there has done something clever with Opera to help it pick up the slack that blogger hasn’t, but I’m not optimistic.

So I may look more seriously at switching my blogging tool. Again. I’ve got a paid LJ account – I could just look at embedding that into my website. Or I might try to get something like Nucleus running on here – I’ve had a half-baked version on another server for a while – maybe I should just go and finish fighting with it. Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Operatic.

  1. Embedding is pretty easy, and can be done seamlessly. It’s tricky to embed views like the calendar / day using S1 (although it can be done), but much easier in S2. S2 embedding isn’t supported yet, but I can give you some tips on using it if you want.

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