Cox’s Nasal Pippin.

Well, that was a thrilling new experience. Apple juice up my nose. Not the pressed kind, either. I bit into my apple, and apple juice squirted right up my nose. The most troubling bit of it, though, is that it burns. I’m sure apple juice shouldn’t do that.

Still, maybe it’ll eat away whatever it is that’s causing me to sneeze so fucking much lately. Honestly, I’m fucking sick of it. I’ve been having an allergic reaction to something on a more or less constant basis for the last three weeks, and I’d really like my nose to stop tingling/running. Please.

5 thoughts on “Cox’s Nasal Pippin.

  1. Might it be an allergy to mould spores? It causes hayfever-type symptoms but affects people in the autumn because that’s top mating time for moulds. O, to be a simple fungus.

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