The Joy Of Holiday

Well, that’s the weekend over, but I don’t care, because I’ve got the week off work. Huzzah! Plans include a trip to the Tower of London at some point, to see the ravens (Marysia and Andrew are completely unimpressed by prospect of Ravens, or at least, not impressed enough to pay the entrance fee. I live with philistines…) but since I haven’t had a break since last Christmas, I’m mostly just going to laze about not do very much.

In other news, it’s Fin and I have been dating for a year and day now. Not entirely sure how that happened, as it only seems like yesterday that we were watching Rififi and eating at Ed’s on our first date. To celebrate, we went to see The Woman In Black at the Fortune Theatre, and then out for dinner at a fairly posh restaurant in Covent Garden – I can safely say I’ve never eaten anywhere that posh before, and while I can’t afford to do it every time, I think it was well worth it – the food was uniformly excellent and the service fantastic, but the to-die-for chocolate souffle I had for dessert would have justified it on it’s own.

Right. Well, I’m off to make a drink and think about reading for a bit.

5 thoughts on “The Joy Of Holiday

  1. You what?

    You mean, you sat next to me for half an hour yesterday and never said a bllody word about it being your Anniversary?

    I’m officially ticked off. But not so ticked off to avoid wishing you and Fin many congrats. Nice one, mate.

  2. Re: You what?

    You may have noticed I’ve not been as present on the V as I was. (Take a look at the Cage to see my disillusion with Forums at the moment.)

    And although I knew it was coming up (you did mention the forthcoming anniversary the other week in Camden) I didn’t know it was this weekend.

    Again – many congratulations to the pair of you.

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