Funtime’s Over

And it’s back to work with me. Well, on Monday at least. For three days, then I’m off for a long weekend in Belfast, to visit my ageing grandmother. It’s a rough old life. Fame Academy results show in half an hour, then I’m debating what to do – bed with some comics (got a couple of longboxes out of my parents garage the other day, and am going through them deciding what to keep and what to get rid of), a spot of NWN, or perhaps watching a bit of Sherlock Holmes – I discovered that the ITV series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes is out on DVD, and since my brother and I are talking about a Holmesian sort of thing for a short film, I bought one there and then, and have been enjoying them and pulling them apart in equal measure, trying to work out just how damaged I can get away with making our detective without rendering him incapable of social functioning…

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