The Newcranes

Speaking of getting hold of music – does anyone else out there remember a band from the late eighties/early ninties called The Newcranes? I think they were from the midlands, and I particularly remember a song called “Turpentine” from a mini-album “Frontline”. Can anyone out ther help me? I don’t know if it was ever released on CD – the only listing I can find for it in the UK is as vinyl, although there looks to be a guy in germany selling a CD, only I can’t figure out how to pay him.

I’d really like to get hold of a copy, either on CD or MP3. Can anyone help?

2 thoughts on “The Newcranes

  1. I’d never encoutnered them before, but it appear that I can, indeed, acquire the CD there, so thank you. Claim a drink from me the next time I see you.

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