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As previously mentioned, I saw T3 last week. It was entertaining enough, but very light, and I felt that the end played badly against the end of T2, which was much stronger, so I left feeling a bit cheated. Lot’s of interesting visual gags and references to the previous films. Good if you’re bored, I guess.

I saw Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl on Sunday. Must-see movie of the summer, I think. Orlando Bloom is a bit wooden, but pretty enough, whcih is what he’s there for, but Johnny Depp more than makes up for it by being utterly marvellous. People will either want to shag him, or be him, depending on gender of preference. Possibly both, now I think of it. The film is funny, well paced, taught in the right places, and takes itself just seriously enough, which is to say that it’s not afraid to be light, but doesn’t run chasing after every gag, so it all comes together very nicely. Point of interest – the director’s previous film was the (surprisingly well-recieved) American version of The Ring. All in all though: for being based on a Disney ride, this comes out looking very good.

Went to B movie on Friday, finally. Loved it, despite heat and equipment failure. They were very sensibly allowing people to stand out on the street, which was a fine plan, although it did mean I missed a few tracks that would have had me hurling myself for the dancefloor.

The wonders of the modern age mean that after skiming the playlist for a few details, I’ve started hoovering down work by appropraite artists that I liked at the club, quite legally. I know I verge on becoming tedious about mundane trivia like the ability to download MP3s, which is so commonplace nowdays, but I just love the fact that I can do this. Annoyingly, though, Emusic doesn’t have any Reverend Horton Heat, apart from a single track on a Willie Nelson tribute I’ve already downloaded (mostly for Johnny Cash’s brilliant cover of “The Time Of The Preacher”). So, anyone out there got any recommendations for a must-buy Horton Heat album or two, since it seems I must pay actual cash money for some?

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  1. You’re not wrong about Johnny Depp ;-) His interpretation of Capn Jack was based on Keith Richards from the Stones apparently.

    It’s the first time in a long time i’ve been to a film and couldn’t help the word “phwoar!” escape unprovoked.

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