Drill ‘n’ Bass

Our office has three windows. One of them is looking out onto a nearby building site, from where I can hear a variety of species of drilling going on. Another looks out onto the car park, from where the heat is setting off car alarms every ten to fifteen minutes. From the the third, facing toward Battersea Park station, I can hear the occaisional train announcment – a weird electronic warble of a voice.

This isn’t an office – it’s an experimental dance track. Shortly, I fully expect the people at the nearby gas storage drum to start testing the massive “The gasworks is about to explode” alarm that can be heard for miles around, just for the full-on stadium rave effect.

3 thoughts on “Drill ‘n’ Bass

  1. I feel this overwhelming desire to pttthb the Europeans who are complaining about the weather.

    After all, it’s always hot here.

    Until I realized that you are missing several of the amenities of the US. Like universal office climate control. Near universal home airconditioning. (Even if only a single window unit).

    I forget that it took my UK based ancestors oh, 400 years to acclimate to tropical heat.

    Ugh. Hope it gets better.

  2. It’ll only take another decade like this, I’m sure before we wise up and start installing air-con in the universal manner that the US has it. Until then, we’ll have close on your heat without respite. Hurrah!

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