Plus ca meme chose.

So, this blogis three years old today. My LJ (at least as an entity that I post to) is coming up on a year old. On Thursday, it’ll be one year since ipoints decided that they didn’t love me any more.

What amuses me most about this is that I’ve flipped my life on it’s head in so many ways in the last three years, and especially in the last year. And despite that, I could still write a entry for tonight that runs “Went out to exercise, came back, made a banana smoothie, and drank it while watching the sun go down over Tooting. Candles are lit, and Tom Waits is on the stereo. Life’s good.”

Except that I’m in a different flat, and I’ve lived in two other places, and held two jobs (well, I’m still in the second one) in the last year. And, to my continued astonishment, I appear to be in a relationship with an actual woman. Looking back over the last year, is seems like I’ve done so much, and wound up back where I’m happiest. It’s been weird.

I kinda feel like there are people I want to thank for all the things they did that helped me get out of bad spot last year, and back to where I am now – the tech guys at The Internet Corporation, who were the only good bit of that job, my parents, my new employers, and the rest of my friends (and the ones who aren’t on that list, too) for putting up with me while I whinged and went gently mad, Jamie for conveniently getting a better job in Oxford, and letting me move back in with Andrew and Marysia, and Andrew and Marysia for letting me move back in, despite having lived with me before, and Fin, for everything.

So that’s done, and it’s back to work.

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