Downside of Livejournal

It’s great for keeping track of/finding people that one has lost touch with. One the one hand, this includes old friends, which is marvellous, and on the other…

There are very few people that have ever passed through my life that I hold a grudge against. Oh, there are some people I don’t see any more some by accident, some through acrimony, but most of them, I still wish well, even if I don’t really want much to do with them.

But there are a very, very small number people (less than five) who I vaccilate between wanting dead, because I think they’re a complete waste of food and oxygen, and wanting them to live long, painful lives, filled with misery, suffering and failure.

By accident, using a rather neat java tool that does relationship graphing and LJ-friends navigation (I downloaded and lost the link, I’m afraid) in the space of two minutes, I have found the LJs of two of these people, and they seem regretably happy.

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