So far, today has…

Sucked. Got up at my usual time, to find that one of my flatmates was running late, and was in the shower. So I wound up running late – not “late for work” late, just “later than I like my routine” late. My meeting this afternoon has been cancelled, too.

So, at lunch, I went to the gym. It was dry when I walked out the office door, but tipped it down within minutes, only to dry up as I got to the gym. It remained dry all through my workout, and right up to about thirty seconds after I left the gym. It’s dry again, now that I’m back in the office. And my workout was deeply unrewarding. I underperformed on just about every machine, and I don’t know why. So I’m feeling deeply disassified with myself. I don’t feel like I’ve had proprer exercise, and I’m damp.

This afternoon had better be better.

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