Lunch on the company.

Pan fried zebra in red wine jus. Reminded me curiously of duck. Highly recommended, though.

7 thoughts on “Lunch on the company.

  1. I didn’t think they were. And y’know, it was already dead when I ordered it, so it’s not like it was killed just to satisfy my need for stripey horseflesh, so it’s not going to keep me up at nights, I’m afraid.

    And I can see why they became endagered, if indeed they are – they taste very nice…

  2. Not only are they not endangered, but they’re farmed, much like ostriches or alligators. I don’t think there’s any moral issue with eating it.

    I am suprised that they taste like duck, though. Horse tastes most like beef to me, and I’d have expected zebra to be much the same.

  3. What’s wrong with good old fashioned deep-fried horse in tomato ketchup, eh? Eh? Or are you too good to eat with the rest of us plebs, eh?

    Bloody food snobs!


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