Witness Song

Lifted from Fiona, among others, and as per, don’t take it too serious. Describe myself using songs from only one band. Fiona used Birthday Party, but I think I’m better off with the Bad Seeds stuff…

Are you male or female? Long Time Man.
Describe yourself: Babe, I’m On Fire.
How do some people feel about you? The Good Son.
How do you feel about yourself? All Tomorrow’s Parties. (Yes, I’m cheating. But it’s a really good cover.)
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend: Lovely Creature.
Describe what you want to be: God Is In The House.
Where would you rather be? Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?
Describe how you live: Idiot Prayer.
Describe how you love: I Let Love In.
Share a few words of wisdom: People Ain’t No Good.

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