The face of an angel, in a dump hot as hell

Flogging Molly are playing in London on the 10th of May. The best description I’ve heard of them: if you took out the punk elements, you’d have a good trad-irish-folk band. If you took out the trad-irish-folk elements, you’d have a good punk act. They’re the middle ground between The Dropkick Murphys and The Pogues. I think they’re ace, and will be there with knobs on. Anyone else fancy it?

10 thoughts on “The face of an angel, in a dump hot as hell

  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll be at Jon’s 2nd birthday party during the day, but I’m sure it’ll end early enough that I can do both.

    More details please.

  2. sorry im just wandering around livejournal, but i did want to say that i am the hugest Flogging Molly fan! i saw them live at Warped Tour (them and Alkaline Trio were my sole motivations to go) and they were the best, hands down. me and my boy have all their albums (including the live album just released) ::sigh:: they rawk.

    (p.s. i love Dropkick, the Pogues, and the Tossers also. woo irish!)

  3. It’s at the Mean Fiddler, doors 7pm, but I’m going to get there for eight-ish unless the support acts sound particularly sexy (they had a very mixed set of support acts last time I saw them), and costs a tenner. I’m going to pick my ticket up tomorrow – d’you want me to get you one?

  4. I’m picking a ticket up for me tomorrow (detials in response to wmute below) – I can pick up one for you if you want, but figured you might want to hold off until the last minute, as it were…

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