The Joy of CSS

Spent last night sitting in the lounge watching TV with Andrew and Marysia, while working on the 9A redesign. When I first suggested that I might look at re-designing this site in CSS (as I have, albeit with an off-the-shelf template) someone e-mailed me to say that once I did, I’d never go back to tables.

They were right. Sure, I had a bit of frustration on the way, but no more than I’ve had from table-based designs in the past. But the page code is about half the size that the table-based version was, and is much, much easier read and plug things into – the old style is a nightmare when it comes to breaking things out into separate chunks to be included/modified with PHP. This will be a piece of piss. Tonight, I’m going to work on the new, context-sensitive site nav, if I have the time. I seem to recall that I have it mostly written, it’s just a matter of making it pretty. Which will be easy, thanks to CSS.

No, there was no actual interesting content in that post. Piss off.

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