Shut Up And Listen…

My friend Alistair Pulling is talking. This is part of what he’s saying.

“Keeping things going. Ensuring the system continues. Looking at the Universe and thinking that if you can’t live forever in body or soul, you can pass your bodily information on. Your genes can survive, join with others and survive indefinitely.

In order to do this, you need to have sex. I like sex.

If you think that your soul is going to live forever then why bother spreading those genes? Your genitals will shrivel up and die whilst the rest of you lives on and goes to choir practice and afternoon tea.

Far better not to believe in an afterlife, or any supernatural trappings that might indicate that your soul will go on, so that you can have mighty, swinging organs of reproduction that get regular use whilst you live the life that you do have to the full.”

Go and read the rest of what he has to tell you about Big Rocks.

And then go back and look here, and here and here and probably in a few other places in there that I’ve missed.

Ali’s talent for this sort of thing makes me very envious indeed, as I sit here wrestling with yet another 9A column, trying to work out what the fuck it is I’m talking about.

But anyway, yes. Go and listen to the clever man speak.

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