Blood And Stone

It’s what they made London from. They left the meat and the soft parts for the Ravens, but the blood and the stone made a city. I was at the Tower on Sunday, finishing up asking for a favour from August and Odin, and I was there to hear the stories and touch the edges of the blood and stone behind the place. I didn’t go there until I’d exhausted myself with walking around the focus of the modern city, from Bond Street down Oxford Street to Tottenham Court, along the commercial vein because I needed to be operating on a really basic level in the Tower.

It was good. I heard the stories, and I bought the tokens, but by the time I’d done the job I was there to do, I was too tired to spend much more time there – all I wanted was a shower and some rest, so I headed on. But I’m going to go back again soon. The guided tour was great, and I really want to go and see all the things they’ve got there. Everyone should visit the Tower.

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